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Straight from Paris Fashion Week ♡
Earrings : Titiana : Gold Plated : Multi
Earrings : Titiana : Gold Plated : Multi

Earrings : Titiana : Gold Plated : Multi

Regular price 19,99 GBP
  • Gold-plated earrings with long chains
  • Exquisite chain earrings with a light and feminine look
  • Chain measures 5.5 cm in length
  • set with three Preciosa crystals in stunning colours
Gold-plated chain earrings with crystals in different colours.
Three crystals in a row form the base of the earrings. The earrings are inserted into the ear using the thin rod at the end of the chain, so that the crystals lie nicely against the earlobe and the chains form a long pendant behind the ear. A beautiful and feminine pair of earrings with a sparkling dash of colour and thin chains that sway softly under the ear.
Product information
  • Product ID
  • Gross Lenght
    65 mm
  • Gross Width
    5 mm
  • Gross Depth
    10 mm
  • Metal
    Gold Plated
  • Color
  • Series
  • Collection
  • Line
  • Stone Color
  • Stone Quantity
  • Stone Type
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Earrings : Titiana : Gold Plated : Multi
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