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Necklace : Morrigan : Silver Plated : Blue

Necklace : Morrigan : Silver Plated : Blue

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This piece from our Morrigan line is a long chain of soul and style, timeless stones, cheerful beads and sleek metal discs. The delicate silver of the chain contrasts beautifully with the chunky embellishments along it, bringing shades of blue, grey, white and silver to your ensemble. Perfect for combining with more bohemian pieces. The necklace is silver plated.
Product information
  • Product ID
  • Gross Lenght
    900 mm
  • Gross Width
    18 mm
  • Gross Depth
    10 mm
  • Metal
    Silver Plated
  • Color
  • Serie
  • Collection
  • Line
  • Segment
  • Bundle
    1 pc.
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