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Bracelet : Warmth : Silver Plated : Brown
Bracelet : Warmth : Silver Plated : Brown

Bracelet : Warmth : Silver Plated : Brown

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  • Silver-plated bracelet with unique pendants
  • Elegant design with semi-precious stones in warm colours
  • The bracelet measures 22 cm
  • Modern and strong expression that honours women worldwide
  • Contrasting interaction between the chic pendants and chunky chain
Unique and charismatic silver-plated charm bracelet in warm colours, which is the hallmark of the entire Warmth collection. The chain's large chain joints are adorned with a coin pendant, as well as semi-precious red agate, tiger eye, rose quartz and real freshwater pearl. The design imaginatively experiments with different shapes and materials that give the bracelet a strong expression which is why it is ideal for the independent, sophisticated woman.
Product information
  • Product ID
  • Gross Lenght
    225 mm
  • Gross Width
    14 mm
  • Gross Depth
    7 mm
  • Metal
    Silver Plated
  • Color
  • Serie
  • Collection
  • Line
  • Stone Color
  • Stone Quantity
  • Stone Type
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Bracelet : Warmth : Silver Plated : Brown
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