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Necklace : Beauty : Silver Plated

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  • Silver-plated necklace with flat links in two rows
  • Classic necklace that exudes elegance and sophisticated style
  • 40 cm chain + 9 cm extension chain
  • With a polished reptile pattern
  • The chain’s structure is inspired by snakes in the California desert
The ravishing reptile pattern makes this silver-plated necklace a must-have for women who love chic, distinctive details. The necklace is 40 cm long and has a 9 cm extension chain. The gorgeous design was inspired by the snakes found in California’s hot desert, and the delicate links of the reptile pattern reflect the sun’s rays in fascinating ways. A beautiful necklace that exudes bold style and attention to exquisite detail.
Product information
  • Product ID
  • Gross Lenght
    490 mm
  • Gross Width
    5 mm
  • Gross Depth
    5 mm
  • Metal
    Silver Plated
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