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Earrings : Air : Silver Plated

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  • Luxurious silver-plated statement earrings with beautiful, polished rings
  • Sumptuous earrings with an alluring Californian coolness
  • Earrings measure 7 cm in length
  • The two large oval rings create a captivating sense of movement
Chic silver-plated statement earrings with alluring, ornate rings that sway playfully and lazily below the ear. The relaxed elegance and power of the earrings capture the cool style that characterises L.A.’s trendy personalities. Wear them on summer nights or sun-drenched streets, and bring focus to your own personal charisma.
Product information
  • Product ID
  • Gross Lenght
    72 mm
  • Gross Width
    22 mm
  • Gross Depth
    40 mm
  • Metal
    Silver Plated
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