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Jewellery set

The ’mixing and matching’ trend is still alive and well when it comes to jewellery. Different styles and metals go well together in the ever-present mixing and matching trend, but what about ’just’ matching by choosing a beautiful jewellery set? A necklace and earring set is an evergreen purchase, not least because of the classical, elegant feel from the stylish jewellery with a shape and/or material that matches both the pendant and the earrings. At Pilgrim, you’ll find gold jewellery sets and silver jewellery sets. A silver jewellery gift set is perfect for you if you prefer cooler colours, while a gold jewellery necklace earring set will suit you if you prefer warmer colours. Whether you prefer gold or silver, Pilgrim’s jewellery set is the perfect gift idea for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion.



Beautiful jewellery sets for beautiful women

Our women’s jewellery sets come in many shapes and styles: classic, modern and flamboyant - choose from jewellery gift sets with hearts, stars or circles. You can also choose between matching jewellery sets with or without stones.

Have a look at our full range of necklace earring sets and find the one that’ll suit you - or your mother, daughter or grandmother - the best.

What type of jewellery set can I choose?

You can choose from jewellery sets including: a ring and a set of earrings, a necklace and a set of earrings, three different rings, or three different sets of earrings.

Can you combine jewellery from different sets?

Yes, you can. Our jewellery combines well across sets and collections, so you can always mix it in different ways.

Are jewellery sets only for giving as a gift?

No. Treat yourself to a jewellery set! It’s a really easy way to get jewellery that’s been designed to go together.

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