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Jewellery is something very personal. Letter jewellery is something even more personal. Have a look through Pilgrim’s assortment of pretty letter pendants and design your own unique piece of jewellery for yourself or someone you care enough about to endow her with a beautiful initial necklace or letter bracelet.



Initial necklaces

In order to design a unique initial necklace, you must select the necklace you like the best. Afterwards, you’ll choose the initial pendant(s) you’d like to adorn the necklace with. If you choose a single letter, for instance the initial letter of your first name or the recipient’s name. Choose a gold or silver initial necklace for a simple and subtle look. You may want to choose several initial pendants, for instance the initial letter of your name and that of your special someone. Or, how about a necklace with the initial letters of you and your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name, or your name and the names of your kids? There are lots of possibilities, and it’s entirely up to you how you’ll design your letter necklace. The alphabet necklaces and letter pendants are available in both silver and gold.

Initial bracelets

An initial necklace in silver or gold is a significant gift for someone you care about, as is a silver or gold initial bracelet. At Pilgrim, we have several different types of initial pendants to choose from, so no matter whether you prefer a gold initial pendant or a silver initial pendant for your initial letter bracelet, we have the pendants and bracelets to match. Have a look at our different bracelets and decide for yourself if you like the small, square initial charms with crystal details or the small round, disc charms with an embossed letter the best. Maybe you prefer both types?

Initial letter jewellery for every occasion

A piece of initial letter jewellery is suitable for every occasion, no matter your outfit or the event. It’s perfect as a basic item, and as something to spiff up your look and make your outfit edgy and so very you. Have a look at our beautiful letter jewellery, which you’ll find on the site, and design your own favourite piece of letter jewellery. Is it a bracelet, a necklace or both? Remember, a piece of jewellery with an alphabet pendant is the perfect idea for a gift for someone you love.

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