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As is the case for jewellery and clothes, everyone has favourites. You can mix and match the key items with almost everything, constantly ensuring you a new look. On this page, we have gathered our favourites – the styles that we, at Pilgrim, characterise as our key items. Perhaps you have other favourites as well, but here you’ll get a solid overview of the styles that go with everything. If you’re on the lookout for a new piece of jewellery, this is a good place to start.



Favourites – earrings

Earrings: Even though they aren’t the biggest pieces of jewellery in your jewellery box, they are often the items making the biggest difference in your outfit and overall look. Combine a couple of simple and classic earrings with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for a discreet everyday look or replace the stud earrings with a pair of large, distinctive pendant earrings or hoops – and watch the difference! On this page, you’ll find all of Pilgrim’s favourite earrings – key items you can combine with almost everything. Use them separately or with some of your other earrings and pieces of jewellery for an individual touch. Our favourite earrings come in silver, gold, rose gold and hematite.

Favourites – necklaces

You’ll never go wrong with a beautiful and timeless necklace. We have made a selection from among Pilgrim’s favourites, finding the key items you’ll benefit from time and time again. Use them alone, or together with your other necklaces. What’s especially fabulous about our favourites is the fact that they can go from being classic and elegant one day to being modern and perhaps even avant-garde the next. It all depends on which other pieces of jewellery you use together with your key item. Choose your preferred metal and the style you like the best and feel the difference the next time you choose which necklace to wear.

Favourites - bracelets

Bracelets can help dress your outfit up or down. Whether you prefer a row of simple, delicate bracelets jingling on your arm, or more voluminous bracelets setting the style and the tone, bracelets are perfect for both everyday life and party times. Pilgrim’s favourites include several different styles; mix and match your personal favourites or choose that special bracelet to use separately or combined with some of the bracelets you have at home.

Favourites - rings

The ring has become a symbol of love, and the ring in itself is a beautiful piece of jewellery. Here, you’ll find Pilgrim’s key item rings – the ones you can use for everything and the ones you can combine with all your other rings. Our chosen styles are modern and yet classic; use them separately as a beautiful statement ring or let them supplement your other rings.

Favourites - watches

It has never been more elegant to check the time. With Pilgrim’s favourite watches, the time becomes classy – choose from among our timeless and elegant designs supplementing your personal style down to the smallest detail. You may also consider combining your new watch with one of Pilgrim’s favourite bracelets for a beautiful effect. Our watches come in gold, rose gold and hematite.

Favourites – other Pilgrim jewellery

All of Pilgrim’s jewellery is made with heart and soul. The items are hand-made, 100% free of nickel and of a very high quality. Our key items are designed and shaped in a way that will instantly make them your favourites. Imagine not having to think about which piece of jewellery goes with which. That’s how it is with Pilgrim’s favourites: they match everything. Have a look around this page to find out which of our favourites could be your personal favourites. We have found key items in silver, gold, rose gold and hematite, ensuring that everyone will find something to love. Give your wardrobe an update with a new necklace, a new ring, a new bracelet or something else contributing to your look and personal style.

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