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Tote bags, lip balm, hair accessories, greeting cards, etc. Pilgrim is more than ’just’ jewellery, and when you shop with us, you can get that little extra you may be missing at the moment. Consider a nice tote bag for your jewellery, a soft lip balm or glittery ribbons for your hair matching your newly purchased jewellery items. Everything just becomes a bit more exquisite when you shop at Pilgrim, and we’re proud to be able to offer some of the essential accessories you’re always wanting, needing or craving.




Not all that glitters is gold – or silver, for that matter – but that doesn’t mean that it can’t match your beautiful jewellery. Pilgrim’s hair accessories are stylish, glittery hair ribbons, coated in silver or gold. Use them together or one at a time as the cherry on a beautiful cake. You can match the colours of the ribbons to the colours of your clothes and the tones of your jewellery. Beautiful and stylish – just like you!

Tote bags

You can never have too many good quality bags or tote bags. Our new Pilgrim tote bags are available in canvas and transparent, and you can use them for everything from carrying groceries and books to wrapping your jewellery gifts in a stylish way. Choose from several tote models: a simple, transparent tote bag with the Pilgrim name on it, the naturally coloured canvas tote with the imprint ’Pilgrim est. 1983 Denmark’ or the more statement-like, grey canvas tote with the imprint ’A little fashion for everyone’. All the bags are roomy and can be carried over the shoulder. 

Greeting cards

A card for every occasion: That’s what you get with Pilgrim’s greeting cards. You’ll find a card for almost any occasion – from Christmas and birthdays to ‘just because’. Write your own personal greeting in a Pilgrim greeting card of great quality and featuring a pretty and simple design. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a present for someone you care about.

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