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At Pilgrim, we proactively work to become more sustainable in all areas of our business, and as this is an ongoing process, we do it step by step, collection by collection.

We are very focused on taking responsibility for our actions and we want to make it easier for everyone to take responsible choices by offering a greener alternative to traditional jewellery production. That is also why we implement green initiatives on a continuously basis – everything from using recycled materials for our jewellery to banning the use of bubble wrap.



When it comes to our specific actions, we combine a holistic perspective with a green mindset and try to address one area of our business at a time implementing green actions to move up the sustainability scale. We’re definitely not perfect, but we want to be very clear that we are in it for the long run and ready to make an effort.


We proudly present our first recycled collection LEAF by Pilgrim with 10 gorgeous pieces handmade and responsibly produced from 75% recycled materials (available in both gold and silver plated). Built around their beloved and well-known Nordic jewellery universe, the LEAF by Pilgrim collection is for every soul wanting to move towards a greener future.

The LEAF by Pilgrim collection is the first step on their journey towards becoming a more sustainable fashion brand, which Pilgrim considers an ongoing process that is taken step by step, collection by collection.



The following is an outline of what we have done already and what we are doing at the moment:

LEAF are:

Made of min. 75% recycled material

  • What is recycled?
    It is the base of our products, which is made of either brass or zinc, that is recycled.

  • What is not recycled?
    Small parts such as lock, pearls and stones are not recycled. The plating (gold, rose gold or silver) is not recycled.
  • What does ‘minimum’ 75% mean?
    Some products are almost 100% recycled (e.g. rings) and several products contain more than 75% recycled material, but to be on the safe side, we stick to guaranteeing that min. 75% of the entire product is made of recycled material.

  • How do we know for sure that min. 75% is recycled?
    All products are reviewed two times by external audits:
    • Time: Control of the materials purchased by the factory
    • Time: Control of the finished product
      Each product gets a certificate with the specific percentage of recycled material.


We work in close partnership with seven local suppliers in China, with whom we have worked with for more than 13 years. We believe in close and long-term relationships that are built on trust and mutual respect, working towards becoming a greener Pilgrim together. All suppliers must sign our Code of Conduct, which is based on the UN Global Compact’s Ten Guiding Principles, ensuring ethical and fair partnerships with our suppliers.

As of 2020, our suppliers are encouraged to (and a majority comply with):

  • Recycle all jewellery moulds by melting and re-moulding them into new ones each season
  • Reuse all water used during production for industrial purposes
  • Only use solar-powered energy resourced within the factories


In the AW21 season, we launch our first-ever recycled jewellery collection responsibly made from minimum 75% recycled materials – either recycled brass or zinc. Following this, in the SS22 season, we launch a sunglass collection consisting of six pairs of sunglasses made from min. 75% recycled plastic from the ocean. These are the first steps towards becoming a greener fashion brand in relation to products. From here on, the road to having a more sustainable profile with regards to products is divided into yearly goals:

  • In 2022, 10% of all collections should be made from min. 75% recycled materials
  • In 2023, 30% of all collections should be made from min. 75% recycled materials
  • In 2024, 60% of all collections should be made from min. 75% recycled materials

Besides using recycled materials as the base for our jewellery, one of our primary goals has always been to produce clean products, meaning that we only use pure base metals that are free from both lead and nickel.



All our jewellery is carefully assembled with eco-friendly hangtags. Likewise, we have recently introduced a greener alternative to the traditional plastic polybags that we previously packed our jewellery in – the new ones are made from 100% recycled plastic (GRS Global Recycle Standard Certified). Also, in 2020, we banned the use of bubble wrap in the packaging of our jewellery.


All our gift-wrapping is FSC-certified and eco-friendly made from environmentally preferred materials:

  • Plastic free
  • FCS-certified paper
  • Eco-friendly ink and lacquer
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly glue
  • Organic ribbon and cotton

All our watches come in a eco-friendly watch box, and all extra watch straps come in an eco-friendly cotton pouch.

When purchasing through our webshop, customers are asked whether wrapping is necessary. If not, we will send the items with as little extra wrapping as possible.

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