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Our Reconnect collection just dropped
The collection is all about reconnecting  
Reconnect with yourself. Reconnect with family.
Reconnect with friends. Reconnect with nature 

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The story behind the collection

The autumn collection marks the need to reconnect on the backdrop of the past years’ global challenges. Reconnect with family, reconnect with friends, reconnect with nature. Simply reconnect everything you surround yourself with to discover the beauty of the ‘new normal’.Reconnect is channelled through a collection of unique pieces inspired by the original Nordic people, their old traditions, and interactions with nature. By reconnecting the fundamentals and living in the moment, we look to the past to create the future. Reconnect is an ode to living in the moment and worshipping the beauty of the simple. This is channelled through a collection of curated pieces with constructed personalisation, earthen surfaces, bold cuts, molten shapes, and strong symbols – all of which pay tribute to discovering what is essential to life.

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