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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – have you found the perfect gift for your mom yet?
Dive into the Pilgrim universe and find the perfect way to say Happy Mother’s Day, with Pilgrim jewellery sendt straight to her door.

1| Choose your Pilgrim product and add to basket.

2| Choose “send to a friend” or choose here.

3| Write a loving message – for us to write a beautiful card.

4| Add the name and address for delivery.

5| We will wrap your gift beautifully and send your loving gift to your mother.

Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

In addition to the love put in a beautiful Mother’s Day gift, a piece of jewellery needs to be personal and reflect the woman carrying it. At Pilgrim we have an extensive selection of unique, personal jewellery, among others jewellery with signs of the zodiac and jewellery with letters. Choose the initial letter in your mother or wife’s name, or go for a necklace with multiple letter pendants for the initial letter in each of your names. Several of the letter pendants are different in their design and look, and it contributes to a beautiful expression to mix and match different designs in one necklace. If you don’t want to go for letters or signs of the zodiac, how about a necklace with a beautiful pearl, because – as Jacqueline Kennedy put it – pearls are always appropriate.

Mother’s Day – necklace

Pilgrim has a great variety of beautiful necklaces and not least different charms symbolizing love, friendship, bravery, family, peace etc. Lucky Charms is an ancient phenomenon, linking people to symbols through thousands of years and giving them strength. Moreover, the charms are incredibly trendy. Maybe you have some symbols in your family making you – or you mother – unique. Does a butterfly mean something special to her? A leaf? A tree? A bird? Or is it the heart in a necklace she’s destined to receive – a charm symbolizing your love for her? Get your mother stunning Mother’s Day jewellery at Pilgrim.

Mother’s Day bracelet

A bracelet is feminine and beautiful on a woman’s wrist, and then it’s right in the line of sight, so that your mother will think of you every time she uses her hands. Pilgrim’s bracelets are, just as our necklaces, always handmade, designed in Denmark and gold, silver and rose gold plated – and of course always free from nickel.

When is it Mother’s Day?

In Denmark – and in the US – Mother’s Day is always celebrated the second Sunday of May. In the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated in March and has more of a religious observance than in Denmark and the US. In fact, Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom is referred to as Mothering Sunday and is a Protestant and Catholic holiday celebrated the fourth Sunday of Lent, Laetaere Sunday – a day which typically falls three weeks before Easter Sunday.

The day is referred to as Mothering Sunday, as people in the 16th century would visit the church where they were baptized, their ‘mother’ church, on Laetaere Sunday. That was called going ‘a-mothering’. Later on, domestic servants were given the day off to go visit family and their mother church, and from 1920 and onwards Mothering Sunday has been somewhat overlooked by the more commercial version of Mother’s Day originated in the USA.

Both in the UK, in the USA and in Denmark, it is custom for spouses and children to buy a mother’s day gift to show their love and gratitude for the mother of the family. In some homes, the family members go all in pampering the mother all day and showering her with attention, flowers and breakfast in bed and an entire day of relaxation and fun.

The story of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has been a well-known custom in Denmark and abroad for almost 150 years. The first one getting the idea to make a special day for mothers was the American author and suffragette Julia Ward Howe from Boston. Her idea, however, was not only that the mother should be pampered with Mother’s Day gifts; She wished for at day in peace – a Mother’s Peace Day as she proclaimed in 1870. Later, Anna Maria Reeves Jarvis took the lead and wished to unite mothers in the battle for better sanitary conditions. It was not after her death, however, her daughter Anna Jarvis succeeded in making Mother’s Day recognised as a special occasion in honour of her mother and other mothers out there. In 1907 a small memorial service was held for Anna Maria, and the year after, the first official Mother’s Day service took place and as soon as 1909 Mother’s Day was demonstrated in 45 states in the USA, in addition to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. In 1914 the Congress adopted as a national holiday.

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